Ronn van Etten

Welcome to my website. Check things out, listen to some music, watch some video's.... Enjoy!!
Singer, musician, writer, composer, lyricists, guitarist. And bits of bass, drums, keys: I like it all and try to do my best.

Latest CD : 61- Etched in Memory, december 2019

Memory ???

I'm busy recording my next (English) album, with songs about the past, but newly written.

Also songs about what goes on nowadays, as if people forget their memories.

Some of our experiences are etched in memorie, engraved in our memorie. We cannot let go and we should not.
That's stuff to think about, so it's also to write songs about. And that's what I did.
Most of the songs are really newly written; sometimes composed while recording. A quite different way of working.
As a result some songs are a bit different maybe....

Recordings are progressing quite well. About ten songs more or less finished and some on the way.
I'm hoping to pack the album with loads of music again - you know me.... value for your money!

And also, the first steps were taken on the path of artwork. But more about that later!

Soon .... a first bit of music. You'll have to wait just a wee little bit.