Ronn van Etten

Welcome. I'm a musician, writer, composer, playing guitar and bits of bass, drums, keys: I like it all and try to do my best. Check things out, listen to music, watch video's.... Enjoy!! New album : Black White Colours, december 1, 2020 ........ Buy on : .
You can book me solo (Regular or with an Eric Clapton tribute) or with a full band: CLAPTONES, FLIRT, MIROJO .

Solo - Clapton tribute

Click on photo for video .

In 2019 I was asked to do a solo tour in Cyprus with an Eric Clapton tribute, which was a big succes. While my guitar gently weeps
6 show in different places, all but one show sold out. By popular demand I was asked back for 2020 and early 2021, but due to corona tours were cancelled. In September 2021, finally, there was a new tour with 4 shows.
In April/May 2022 I did another tour with 6 shows - Clapton and other music. After being invited for a charity concert at Tala Amphitheatre, I arranged an 2022 summer tour, with 5 shows, followed by an 2022 autumn tour with 5 shows booked.
For 2023 already another Cyprus (spring)tour is booked, with 4 shows already booked in advance.
Also in 2023 finally an England-tour is planned, with several theatre-shows planned, as well as other live gigs.

In Holland I do solo tribute performances as well - perfectly suited for venues that are a bit smaller and/or where a band is a little
too much. Click on the picture on the right for an impression of a solo gig in Castle Duurstede.
But a band-performance is possible too: CLAPTONES
A show has 2 (or 3 short) sets filled with Eric Clapton songs from throughout his career, of course including songs like White room, Layla, Tears in heaven, Wonderful tonight and many more. In these shows there are also included some songs that Clapton was involved in (like While my guitar gently weeps) or blues related songs and a couple of my own songs, inspired by Eric Clapton.

For information or bookings use the contact-info at the bottom, or reach out to me on Facebook.

Here's a link to a compilation of some gigs in Cyprus. Cyprus gig BonaMare .
Here's another one to a rendition of Tears in Heaven at Theater De Boemel.

CLAPTONES Clapton tribute band

2 sets of flaming Eric Clapton songs from throughout EC's career, including songs like Layla, Forever man, Wonderful tonight, Cocaine and many, many more.
CLAPTONES is Ronn: vocal/guitar; Johan: bass/vocal; Michael: Keys/vocal; Ruud: Drums. Four musicians with lots of experience throughout their careers and who are still full of enthusiasm and who'll give their best each and every show. Soon there will be video and photo's on this page.

CLAPTONES sets out for shows at music venues and theaters from 2023.

For information or bookings use the contact-info at the bottom, or reach out to me on Facebook. Click on picture for a little impression