Ronn van Etten

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Singer, musician, writer, composer, lyricists, vocal, guitar, bass, drums, keys: I like it all and try to do my best.

New CD : .... WAVES .... , october 2018

Fundraising for KIKA, with CD "Een Leven Lang Liedjes".

25% of the retailprice of the CD "Een Leven Lang Liedjes" would go to the KIKA fund.

I'm proud to say that around this time (end of January) the first 100 CDE's have been sold on and after the CD-Release-Party on November 17th, 2017.

A fund raising collection during the release party raised €143. Several CD-buyers donated something extra for KIKA. My own company also sponsored an amount through the website of KIKA. The 25% of 200 CD's have already been donated to KIKA.

In total the wonderful amount of € 766,50 could be donated to KIKA !!

A big thanks to everyone who bought the CD and/or made an extra donation.