Ronn van Etten

Welcome to my website. Check things out, listen to some music, watch some video's.... Enjoy!!
Singer, musician, writer, composer, lyricists, guitarist. And bits of bass, drums, keys: I like it all and try to do my best.

Latest CD : 61- Etched in Memory, december 2019

Do you remember

How many times did you know, that your gut feeling was good? How many times did you know that you had a lovely hook for a song .... but forgot it.

Some say: "well, that's terrible. A waste of music." I say: it will come back if it's really good enough to do something with it. And if not: there will be another hook, another piece of lyric".

Lots of my songs started out as an idea, some lyrics, a musical hook, and were forgotten at first. But then in that magical way they come back to you! Wonderful! Having experienced that quit a few times, I'm not worried anymore whether I should desperately cling on to an idea, a hook, or some lines that comes to mind. Sometimes I write them down. Sometimes I don't. But I'm not bothered if I can't remember when I'm back home, finished showering, or if I couldn't find a piece of paper and pen.