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Welcome. I'm a musician, writer, composer, playing guitar and bits of bass, drums, keys: I like it all and try to do my best. Check things out, listen to music, watch video's.... Enjoy!! New album : Black White Colours, december 1, 2020 ........ Buy on : .
You can book me solo (Eric Clapton tribute) or with a band.

Making music from age of ten. Singing, playing guitar, piano, bass, bit of drums and writing songs. Recording and producing. In 1968 I wrote my first song and I never stopped writing since. So you can imagine there is an awful lot of songs ! Later in life I started producing CD's releasing these songs. (See: Discography) And there is more to come! If you like to read more about my musical development and activities through the years (See page Biography).
From 2019 I also do a (solo) Eric Clapton tribute, first tour in Cyprus 2019. A band tribute is in preparation. (See page Eric Clapton tribute)
NEW album "Black White Colours" . Order with the contact-form and be contacted about shipping & payment or buy on
Earlier albums : 61-Etched in memory / WAVES / Een Leven Lang Liedjes / Shades of blue's /All Sorts...One Guy / Getekend (DVD) / Stil en Verwonderd .

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Black White Colours

Inner Affairs

Act of love, act of Peace

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Steal Time
Steal time


"Het is allemaal voorbij"

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GIGS in 2021
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30-11 : Buytenhaghe, Zoetermeer
23-11 : Buytenhaghe, Zoetermeer
11-11 :  Buytenhaghe, Zoetermeer
02-11 : Buytenhaghe, Zoetermeer
26-10 : Buytenhaghe, Zoetermeer
16-11 : Swaenehove, Den Haag
16-11 : Buytenhaghe, Zoetermeer
21-10 : Buytenhaghe, Zoetermeer
12-10 : Buytenhaghe, Zoetermeer
05-10 : Buytenhaghe, Zoetermeer
01-10 ; Matinee @ St Josef, Gouda
30-09 : Buytenhaghe, Zoetermeer
26-09 : De Hoek, Boskoop
17-09 : WPC Nederland Drie, Wateringen
16-09 : Buytenhaghe, Zoetermeer
15-09 : Buytenhaghe, Zoetermeer
09-09 : 50 jr. huwelijk, Boskoop
05/09 : Octagon, Vrysoules, Cyprus
04-09 : BonaMare, Peyia, Cyprus
03-09 : Anesi, Peyia, Cyprus
02-09 : Acropolis, Misogi, Cyprus
31-08 : Buytenhaghe, Zoetermeer
24-08 : Buyenhaghe, Zoetermeer
16-08 : Buyenhaghe, Zoetermeer
12-08 : Buyenhaghe, Zoetermeer
07-08 : StudioGonz, Gouda
03-08 : Buytenhaghe, Zoetermeer
29-07 : Buyenhaghe, Zoetermeer
23-07 : Tweemaster, Maassluis
21-07 : Liezenbosch, Haastrecht
20-07 : Buytenhaghe, Zoetermeer
15-07 : Buytenhaghe, Zoetermeer
08-07 : Op de Waard, Haastrecht
03-07 : Viskeet, Huis ter Heide
02-07 : Buytenhaghe, Zoetermeer
27-06 : De Hoek, Boskoop
22-06 : Buytenhaghe, Zoetermeer
18-06 : Buytenhaghe, Zoetermeer

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First 2 shows known of Cyprus tour

After two tours cancelled I am finally going to Cyprus for another Eric Clapton tribute tour, with severakl shows to be planned.
But the first two performances now have been announced.

September 3, I will be doing an Eric Clapton tribute show at Anesi, in Peyia, Cyprus. Tickets at €29 (3 course meal included) are available now.
Restaurant St. George, Peyia.

On September 4th, the Eric Clapton tribute show will be at BonaMare beach terrace in Paphos. Tickets available from €15 (show only).

Make your reservations in time; i.e. as soon as possible.