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Singer, musician, writer, composer, lyricists, guitarist. And bits of bass, drums, keys: I like it all and try to do my best.

Latest CD : 61- Etched in Memory, december 2019

MUSIC ..... making music from age of ten. Singing, playing guitar, piano, bass, bit of drums. Composing and writing lyrics. Recording and producing.

Ever since my last year in primary school I played in bands. First singing and playing guitar; later on I also played some organ/synthesizer in various bands.

In 1968 I wrote my first song and I never stopped writing since. Starting with only English lyrics at first, I started writing Dutch lyrics as well. Never stopped composing/writing since. So you can imagine there are a lot ( I mean: an awful lot!) of songs on the shelves! Later in life I started producing CD's and published some of these songs. (See: Discography) And there is more to come!

If you like to read more about my musical development and activities through the years, turn to the page Biography.

Latest album "61 - Etched in Memory" out now !!.  Order your copy ; use the contact-form. You'll be contacted soon regarding shipping & payment

Earlier albums :

WAVES.Cover WAVES  Een Leven Lang Liedjes Shades of blue's All Sorts...One Guy Getekend Stil en Verwonderd


Speak out

Forgive them for they don't know what they're doing

You make me happpy

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Steal Time

video-clip here

I gotta be


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"Het is allemaal voorbij"

Song from Dutch language album "Een Leven Lang Liedjes".

Trailer for my album "Shades of Blue's"

Trailer for the album "All Sorts ... One Guy"

Promo All Sorts ... One Guy

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  • Gigs & events 2020

21-12 : Ronn van Etten @ Buytenhaghe, Zoetermeer
16-12 : Ronn van Etten @ Buytenhaghe, Zoetermeer
14-11 : FLIRT @ RockAcademy, Leiden
18-11 : Ronn van Etten @ Stage Cafe, Stadstheater Zoetermeer
11-10 : Ronn van Etten @ Centraal Ketelhuis, Amersfoort
10-10 : Ronn van Etten @ Tropical Festival, Nieuwegein
27-09 : FLIRT @ CKC, Zoetermeer
25-09 : Ronn van Etten @ Paraplu, Den Haag
20-09 : Ronn, Fabienne & Michael @ Noviteit, Monster
17-09 : Ronn van Etten @ Borchleen, Schoonhoven
16-09 : Ronn van Etten @ Zorginstelling, Den Haag
06-09 : Ronn van Etten @ Centraal Ketelhuis, Amersfoort
23-08 : Ronn van Etten @ Wapen van Zandvoort, Zandvoortt
09-08 : Ronn van Etten @ Jam in de Gracht, Den Haag
02-08 : MIROJO @ Kasteel Duurstede, Wijk bij Duurstede
29-07 : Ronn van Etten @ Eeetcafe De Leyens, Zoetermeer
26-7 : Ronn van Etten @ Sunday Live, JJ Music House, Zoetermeer
15-07 : Ronn van Etten @ Liezenbos, Haastrecht
12-07 : Ronn van Etten @ Kasteel Duurstede, Wijk bij Duurstede
9 to 16-06 : Cancelled tour in Cyprus
14-05 : Ronn van Etten @ Tweemaster, Maassluis
23-04 : Ronn van Etten @ Tweemaster, Maassluis
08-04 : Ronn van Etten @ Buytenhaghe, Zoetermeer
01/15-4 : Cancelled tour in Cyprus
15-02 : Live Jam @ Thaiwaii, TaoKao, Thailand
26-01 : Ronn van Etten @ Cafe Haegsche Hout, Den Haag

26-01 : Ronn van Etten @ RTV Midvliet, Leidschendam
25-01 : Franky Blues Boy @ , Purmerend
23-01 : Franky Blues Boy @ Animo, Den Haag
18-01 : Trio Fabienne, Michel & Ronn @ , Stompwijk
15-01 : Ronn van Etten @ Radio Live Oranje, Den Haag
11-01 : Franky Blues Boy @ De Melterij, Wormerveer
07-01 : NEW PAGE @ Nieuwsjaar feest, Voorschoten
05-01 : MIROJO @ De Laer, Den Haag
04-01 : MIROJO @ Den BEngel, Den Haag

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New album : 61 - Etched in Memory

2019-12-24. Just before Christmas the 2019 album came out: "61 - Etched in Memory".

17 pieces of music; 16 songs with lyrics and one instrumental "Music for Movies : Etched in Memory" as one of the three bonus tracks.
This time all the songs are quite recent; written in 2018 and 2019. Some in 2017.
Some songs in cooperation with others. Jacaranda trees' music was written by me, Michael Eschaizuer and Peter Seilberger, with lyrics by me, inspired by a holiday picture Peter has posted. Patience is a song composed together with Octavio Santos. His piano theme inspired me to some words and a melody line and do the arrangements, as of all songs, except We are the ones. That song is fully co-written and composed. Als the arrangement, recording and production was with Mario Walzberg of StudiOjo in Wateringen. One last collaboration was the song Can't explain: lyrics by Nancy Koymans and music/arrangement by me.

The album is opening with a song I wrote about my long deceased (at age 61) father, remembering some fine moments we shared.
The song "Someone else" is really about me - growing older, noticing the outside does not quite correspond with what I feel inside.
Another more or less serious song is "If you start forgetting" about people who suffer from dementia.
Other songs are about life choices we make (or not, or don't dare to), about my grandson, about abused childeren, about the unlimited judging that's going around, or about the nonsense that is breathed into the air by politicians or others and the reactions to that. Of course there are some love songs, like the aforementioned "We are the one" or, another bonus track : "Don't wanna let you go. A duet with Fabienne Dallau (singer in the band NEW PAGE).

All in all "61 - Etched in Memory" is a rather personal album I made.

The artwork again was done together with Vera Walzberg of Feathers Photo.

"61 - Etched in Memory" is available in total or as seperate tracks through iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer and many more sites.
The physical CD album with a very nice booklet with all lyrics is als available, so just contact me for further handling and shipping.