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Welcome to my website. Check things out, listen to some music, watch some video's.... Enjoy!!
Singer, musician, writer, composer, lyricists, vocal, guitar, bass, drums, keys: I like it all and try to do my best.

Latest CD : .... WAVES .... , october 2018
Upcoming CD : .... Etched in Memory, expected Q4 2019

MUSIC ..... making music from age of ten. Singing, playing guitar, piano, bass, bit of drums. Composing and writing lyrics. Recording and producing.

Ever since my last year in primary school I played in bands. First singing and playing guitar; later on I also played some organ/synthesizer in various bands.

In 1968 I wrote my first song and I never stopped writing since. Starting with only English lyrics at first, I started writing Dutch lyrics as well. Never stopped composing/writing since. So you can imagine there are a lot ( I mean: an awful lot!) of songs on the shelves! Later in life I started producing CD's and published some of these songs. (See: Discography) And there is more to come!

If you like to read more about my musical development and activities through the years, turn to the page Biography.Cover WAVES

Latest album "WAVES" out now !!.  Order your copy through the contact-form. You'll be contacted soon ,
regarding shipping and payment.
Within months my new album will be released : Etched in Memory.


Forgive them for they don't know what they're doing

You make me happpy

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Steal Time

Latest video-clip here

Waves - Steal time


videoclip here

"Het is allemaal voorbij"

Song from Dutch language album "Een Leven Lang Liedjes".

Trailer for my album "Shades of Blue's"

Trailer for the album "All Sorts ... One Guy"

Promo All Sorts ... One Guy

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GIGS in 2019

22-12 : Xanur @ Pasar Malam, Reeuwijk
15-11 : Ronn van Etten @ WOS radio, Naaldwijk
09-11 : Highway 48 @ Nederlands3, Wateringen
08-11 : jamsessie @ PanchoBar, Den Haag
03-11 : Xanur @ Pasar Malan, Leek
28-10 : Ronn van Etten @ Faros, Latchi, Cyprus
27-10 : Ronn van Etten @ Platea Taverna, Pissouri, Cyprus
26-10 : Ronn van Etten @ BonaMare, Timi, Cyprus
25-10 : Ronn van Etten @ Darcy's, Peyia, Cyprus
24-10 : Ronn van Etten @ Carpe Diem, Messogi, Cyprus

20-10 : MIROJOplus @ Stevenshof, Leiden
19-10 : NEW PAGE @ Surprizeparty, Hellevoetsluis
17-10 : Ronn van Etten @ Wapen van Zanddoort, Zandvoort
16-10 : Ronn van Etten @ Eetcafe De Leyens, Zoetermeer
06-10 : MiRoJo/Tom Moerenhout @ Kasteel Duurstede, Wijk bij Duurstede
05-10 : FLIRT @ Beatles tribute, theaterBallerheij, Gouda
25-09 : NEW PAGE @ Honky Tonk, Brielle
14-09 : FLIRT @ Private wedding,
08-09 : Jamsessie @ De Prael, Den Haag
31-08 : FLIRT @ Tuincentrum De Uithof, Den Haag
30-08 : FLIRT @ buurtfeest Van Heutzstraat, Den Haag
25-08 : Ronn @ GalerieCafe De Leidse Lente, Leiden
18-08 : Ronn van Etten & Peter Seilberger @ Revu FF niet Alleen, Amsterdam
10-08 : PitchBenders @ Club Dizzy, Rotterdam
04-08 : Ronn & Michael @ Brasserie De Ock, Den Haag
11-07 : MIROJO @ Vrijwilligers brunch Buytenhaghe, Zoetermeer
11-07 : MIROJO @ Buytenhaghe, Zoetermeer
07-07 : Ronn @ Podium voor de deur, Zoetermeer
06-07 : FLIRT @ Wapen van Zandvoort, Zandvoort
27-06 : Ronn @ Omroep Vlaardingen, Vlaardingen
23-06 : Ronn & Fabienne @ Achteraf, Zoetermeer
16-06 : MIROJO @ 't Hoekpandje, Den Haag
15-06 : FLIRT @ Wapen van Voorschoten, Voorschoten
13-06 : Ronn @ Montiverdi, Zoetermeer

12-06 : Ronn & Michael @ private party
26-05 : Franky Blues Boy trio @ Brenda's Cafe, Purmerend
18-05 : Franky Blues Boy band @ 't Portiertje, Grootebroeck
11-05 : Franky Blues Boy trio @ bruiloft, Muiderberg
09-05 : Ronn, Michael, Fabienne @ RTW Waddinxveen, Waddinxveen
08-05 : Ronn @ Montiverdi, Zoetermeer
04-05 : Franky Blues Boy band
27-04 : MIROJO @ Koningsdag, De Laer, Den Haag
21-04 : PitchBenders @ 't Portiertje, Uitgeest
10-03 : Ronn & Michael @ Foots, Den Haag
24-03 : MIROJO @ De Laer, Den Haag
23-3 : MIROJO @ Den Bengel, Den Haag
22-03 : Ronn van Etten @ Wijndaelercentrum, Den Haag
21-03 : FLIRT @ Huawei, JJ Music House, Zoetermeer
8-03 : Ronn van Etten @ JJ Music House / Loop voor Hoop, Zoetermeer
10-03 : MIROJO @ Poppekast, Den Haag
05-03 : Ronn van Etten @ Blue Starr, Chaam, Thailand
01-03 : Ronn van Etten @ Blue Bell Bar, Chaam, Thailand
17-02 : Ronn & Michael @ Rooie Cor, Wassenaar
10-02 : Ronn van Etten @ Gluren bij de Buren, Baarn
09-02 : NEW PAGE @ Surprize party, Simonshaven
08-02 : MIROJO @ Theater Diamant, Den Haag
26-01 : MIROJOplus @ John's Inn, Scheveningen
20-01 : MIROJO @ De Laer, Den Haag
06-01 : FLIRT @ Wapen van Voorschoten, Voorschoten
04-01 : Ronn van Etten @ Coornhert, Den Haag

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WAVES are rolling in !

WAVES – by Ronn van Etten

A new wave running in …. again a new album by Ronn van Etten! And again packed with original material, this double-album in tasteful white/black/red design : WAVES.

Ronn van Etten (Voorburg – ’55) is a self-made musician, who has played from age of 12 in bands and been writing his own compositions. He played in a local
sympho-rock band Balloon and in local pop bands like Flirt, Muskie en Prints.
He performs with several temporal formations or duo’s, like with Rudy Bennet from the Motions. Earlier several albums were released in Dutch and English (like his 2CD album “All Sorts … One Guy” and “Shades of Blue’s”) and he put out an artsy video-album with Dutch songs. His latest album (Dutch again) was released in 2017 and 25% of its retail price this album “Een Leven Lang Liedjes” is donated to KIKA.

So now again an album with English material. WAVES is a double-album. The first CD –Now- has songs that were recently recorded, though some composed long ago and some written in the past years.
The album again has a great style-diversity. The opening song “Sometimes a good cry” is a soft, comforting, country-ish ballad, while the second song “See ourselves” is a firm pop-rock song is with 4 different key-measures. After the poppy “You wouldn’t listen” the next song is the Steely Dan inspired “Steal time” with some fusion and jazzy influences. The acoustic “Bow your head” is a tribute to 4 may (liberation day in Holland) and pays respect to freedom and is followed by the beautiful pop waltz “I love you”. “Get your point of view” is a firm rock song, while the song “Fear” has some spooky pieces and is about the fear a lot of people give to each one in conversation or on social media. This album again has again an instrumental track (“Snow”) with much guitar. Two pop ballads “Gone too far” en “Everything has gone away” en two up tempo pop songs “(This way) we can’t go on” and “You wakened up a feeling” complete the CD - Now.
The second/bonus CD -Then- has recordings of bands, Ronn van Etten played with in the past, when performing original compositions : Balloon (1974), Flirt in two line ups (1977 en 1986), Prints (1982).

WAVES gives a lot of pleasure in listening and for those interested all lyrics have been printed beautifully on a posterfold, that comes with the CDs.

Ronn ‘van Etten already has some new recordings and new songs for his next production, but we’ll have to wait a little. Doesn’t matter … we have enough for now to listen to with this double album. The album is for sale at gigs of course, but you can also order through his website :, or with a message on his Facebook-page, or through mail : .
The CD is only €10,= for this double album, excl. shipping costs.


1995       : CD                   : Stil en Verwonderd.
2007       : CD                   : Love & Jazz; songs to remember, vol. 1
2008       : CD                   : Tribute to Elvis
2015       : DVD               : Getekend
2015       : EP                    : Newfield & Cook
2015       : 2CD               : All Sorts … One Guy
2016       : CD                  : Shades of Blues
2017       : CD                   : Een Leven Lang Liedjes