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Singer, musician, writer, composer, lyricists, vocal, guitar, bass, drums, keys: I like it all and try to do my best.

New CD : .... WAVES .... , october 2018

MUSIC ..... I make music, from age of ten. Singing, playing guitar, piano, bass, bit of drums. Composing and writing lyrics. Recording and producing.

Ever since my last year in primary school I played in bands. First singing and playing guitar; later on I also played some organ/synthesizer in various bands.

In 1968 I wrote my first song and never stopped writing since. Starting with only English lyrics at first, I started writing Dutch lyrics as well. Never stopped composing/writing since. So you can imagine there are a lot ( I mean: an awful lot!) of songs on the shelves! Later in life I started producing CD's and published some of these songs. (See: Discography) And there is more to come!

If you like to read more about my musical development and activities through the years, turn to the page Biography.

New album "WAVES" out now !!.Cover WAVES

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Forgive them for they don't know what they're doing

You make me happpy

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"Het is allemaal voorbij"

Song from Dutch language album "Een Leven Lang Liedjes".

Trailer for my album "Shades of Blue's"

Trailer for the album "All Sorts ... One Guy"

Promo All Sorts ... One Guy

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Gigs & events 2018

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16-12 : Ronn & Fabienne @ Capriole, Den Haag

09-12 : Ronn & Fabienne @ Capriole, Den Haag

07-12 : FLIRT @ Gala Party, Voorschoten

02-12 : MIROJOplus @ Stevenshof, Leiden

01-12 : MIROJO @ Botanische tuin, Delft

29-11 : Franky Blues Boy @ Animo, Den Haag

18-11 : Franky Blues Boy @ Pancho Bar, Den |Haag

11-11 : Ronn & Fabienne @ Capriole, Den Haag

08-11 : Ronn van Etten @ Radio Vlaardingen/Henk Koudijzer, Vlaardingen

04-11 : Ronn & Fabienne @ Capriole, Den Haag .

28-10 : Ronn van Etten @ ComeOnIn, Den Haag

27-10 : Ronn van Etten @ Radio RTW Waddinxveen

21-10 :MIROJO @De Laer, Den Haag

13-10 : Ronn van Etten @ Forum, Bibliotheek, Zoetermeer

12-10 : MIROJO @ De KLok. Delft

07-10 : Ronn & Fabienne @ Capriole, Den Haag

06-10: New Page @ Natukreek, Brielle

04-10 : FLIRT @ 't Tolhuis, Hilversum

22-09 : PitchBenders @ Brink plein, Hoek van Holland

07-09 : Ronn & Michael @ Achteraf, Zoetermeer

01-09 : Ronn van Etten @ Waterkant, Den Haag

22-08 : PitchBenders @ Honky Tonk, Brielle

15-08 : Ronn & Fabienne @ Foots, Den Haag

12-08 : Ronn & Hugo @ De Vriendschap, Zoeterwoude

05-08 : Michael & Ronn @ Achteraf, Zoetermeer

29-07 : MIROJO @ Poppekast, Kijkduin

28-07 : FLIRT @ Barrelz, Voorschoten

26-07 : MIROJO @ Plantage, Leiden

22-07 : FLIRT @ Kijkduin

15-07 : Ronn & Fabienne @ JJ Music House, Zoetermeer

17-06 : PitchBender @ Plan B, Delft

06-06 : Ronn van Etten @ Buytenhage, Zoetermeer

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Fear !!

Fear is a song with lyrics about the fear that's spread through social media. Fear for ... well ... just about anything concerning health, politics, the world, society.

People put more and more fear on others; making them to believe that it's all bad, while it's not! Mad and bad men get more and more in power, oozing fear over others, devisive, hateful, polarizing and more. That's what this song is about.