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Welcome to my website. Check things out, listen to some music, watch some video's.... Enjoy!!
Singer, musician, writer, composer, lyricists, vocal, guitar, bass, drums, keys: I like it all and try to do my best.

Latest CD : .... WAVES .... , october 2018
New CD : .... Etched in Memory, expected july 2019

MUSIC ..... making music from age of ten. Singing, playing guitar, piano, bass, bit of drums. Composing and writing lyrics. Recording and producing.

Ever since my last year in primary school I played in bands. First singing and playing guitar; later on I also played some organ/synthesizer in various bands.

In 1968 I wrote my first song and I never stopped writing since. Starting with only English lyrics at first, I started writing Dutch lyrics as well. Never stopped composing/writing since. So you can imagine there are a lot ( I mean: an awful lot!) of songs on the shelves! Later in life I started producing CD's and published some of these songs. (See: Discography) And there is more to come!

If you like to read more about my musical development and activities through the years, turn to the page Biography.Cover WAVES

Latest album "WAVES" out now !!.  Order your copy through the contact-form. You'll be contacted soon ,
regarding shipping and payment.
Within months my new album will be released : Etched in Memory.


Forgive them for they don't know what they're doing

You make me happpy

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Steal Time

Latest video-clip here

Waves - Steal time


videoclip here

"Het is allemaal voorbij"

Song from Dutch language album "Een Leven Lang Liedjes".

Trailer for my album "Shades of Blue's"

Trailer for the album "All Sorts ... One Guy"

Promo All Sorts ... One Guy

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GIGS in 2019

20-10 : MIROJOplus @ Stevenshof, Leiden

oct : Ronn @ hotel, Cyprus

25-09 : NEW PAGE @ Honky Tonk, Brielle

14-09 : FLIRT @ Private wedding,

31-08 : FLIRT @ Tuincentrum De Uithof, Den Haag

25-08 : Ronn @ GalerieCafe De Leidse Lente, Leiden

11-08 : Ronn & Michael @ Achteraf, Zoetermeer

04-08 : Ronn & Michael @ Brasserie De Ock, Den Haag

06-07 : FLIRT @ Wapen van Zandvoort, Zandvoort

23-06 : Ronn & Fabienne @ Achteraf, Zoetermeer

16-06 : MIROJO @ 't Hoekpandje, Den Haag

15-06 : FLIRT @ Wapen van Voorschoten, Voorschoten

12-06 : Ronn & Michael @ private party

26-05 : Franky Blues Boy trio @ Brenda's Cafe, Purmerend

18-05 : Franky Blues Boy band @ 't Portiertje, Grootebroeck

11-05 : Franky Blues Boy trio @ bruiloft, Muiderberg

09-05 : Ronn, Michael, Fabienne @ RTW Waddinxveen, Waddinxveen

08-05 : Ronn @ Montiverdi, Zoetermeer

04-05 : Franky Blues Boy band

27-04 : MIROJO @ Koningsdag, De Laer, Den Haag

21-04 : PitchBenders @ 't Portiertje, Uitgeest

10-3 : Ronn & Michael @ Foots, Den Haag

24-03 : MIROJO @ De Laer, Den Haag

23-3 : MIROJO @ Den Bengel, Den Haag

22-03 : Ronn van Etten @ W#ijndaelercentrum, Den Haag

21-03 : FLIRT @ Huawei, JJ Music House, Zoetermeer

18-03 : Ronn van Etten @ JJ Music House / Loop voor Hoop, Zoetermeer

10-03 : MIROJO @ Poppekast, Den Haag

05-03 : Ronn van Etten @ Blue Starr, Chaam, Thailand

01-03 : Ronn van Etten # Blue Bell Bar, Chaam, Thailand

17-02 : Ronn & Michael @ Rooie Cor, Wassenaar

10-02 : Ronn van Etten @ Gluren bij de Buren, Baarn

09-02 : NEW PAGE @ Surprize party, Simonshaven

08-02 : MIROJO @ Theater Diamant, Den Haag

26-01 : MIROJOplus @ John's Inn, Scheveningen

20-01 : MIROJO @ De Laer, Den Haag

06-01 : FLIRT @ Wapen van Voorschoten, Voorschoten

04-01 : Ronn van Etten @ Coornhert, Den Haag

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CD-Release Party great success

On 17th of november 2017 was the official release of the CD "Een Leven Lang Liedjes".

We had a very beautiful venue at Sociëteit Engels in The Hague.

A programme with several artists: Jerry Velberg (Acoustic troubadour), Julien Marnier (French Chansons) and MIROJO delivered some heart-warming and beautiful music throughout the evening.

Naturally there was this special moment where the official presentation took place. Martin Reitsma presented the 'first' CD to me, with the additional nice speech. On my turn I presented two CD's to Joy van Etten (photo's) and Vera Walberg (design and pre-press of the artwork).

Several songs of the CD were performed live; one songs I played solo on piano and vocals, one accompanied by the video-clip of the song, projected behind me and one song was performed with two acoustic guitars, together with Johan Korringa.

After the presentation MIROJO played four more songs of the CD.

It needs no words to say that there was a lot of appreciation and quite some CD's were sold that night.  25% of the sale-price will be donated to KIKA (Kinderen Kankervrij). That is translated : children cancer free. KIKA helps raising funds to finance more reseach on how to cure cancer with kids.

Also some seperate donations were made to KIKA.

It also goes without saying it was a very nice and warm evening with a lot of friends, acquaintances and interested people.

Together with sales results in the first weeks after the presentation a substantial donation will be made in december to KIKA.