Ronn van Etten

Welcome. I'm a musician, writer, composer, playing guitar and bits of bass, drums, keys: I like it all and try to do my best. Check things out, listen to music, watch video's.... Enjoy!! New album : Black White Colours, december 1, 2020 ........ Buy on : .
You can book me solo (Regular or with an Eric Clapton tribute) or with a full band: CLAPTONES, FLIRT, MIROJO .

Fear !!

Fear is a song with lyrics about the fear that's spread through social media. Fear for ... well ... just about anything concerning health, politics, the world, society.

People put more and more fear on others; making them to believe that it's all bad, while it's not! Mad and bad men get more and more in power, oozing fear over others, devisive, hateful, polarizing and more. That's what this song is about.