Ronn van Etten

Welcome. I'm a musician, writer, composer, playing guitar and bits of bass, drums, keys: I like it all and try to do my best. Check things out, listen to music, watch video's.... Enjoy!! New album : Black White Colours, december 1, 2020 ........ Buy on : .
You can book me solo (Regular or with an Eric Clapton tribute) or with a full band: CLAPTONES, FLIRT, MIROJO .

New album : 61 - Etched in Memory

In the final week of 2019 the album "61 - Etched in Memory" was released.
17 new pieces of music (one of them instrumental)

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Return to Cyprus by popular demand

After the succesful tour in 2019, I am invited again for a short tour in April 2020

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Succesfull tour on Cyprus

The short tour on Cyprus was very succesfull, with a follow up in 2020

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Shades of Blue's - edition 2019

My CD album Shades of Blue's (2016) got sold out, but now there is a new release : Shades of Blue's - remix 2019

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Eric Clapton tribute tour in Cyprus

Ronn is going on a short tour of 6 gigs on Cyprus, doing Eric Clapton tribute performances.

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Memory ???

New album in progress. Some songs about memorie.
Almost all of the songs newly written.
Inspiration from the memorie, rememberings, reminiscing.

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Third song in Capelse Top 30, nr. 4

After "Carriere gemaakt" and "Slips away", my Christmas song "That's my Christmas dream"came on nr. 4 in the third week

Three songs in the year chart of Capelle, on (in the same order) nr. 21, nr 25 and nr. 107.

Always nice to see something like that happening.

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WAVES are rolling in !

Finally here, my new album |: WAVES

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WAVES are coming to roll in!

Last bits of work on my new album. Artwork ready. Finalizing second CD

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2 weeks nr. 1 @ Capelse Top 30

Glad to have made it to the top. Didn't expect to hold that nr. 1 position.

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